8 Things To Do In Hungary – There’s More Than Budapest Attractions


It’s been a couple of years since I have been to the landlocked country of Hungary. I was visiting the capital city, Budapest, for only five days. However, those days were packed full, from morning to late at night. I know there are many more places to visit in Budapest and several places to see if you visit Hungary. So, I asked some other bloggers what their favorite things to do in Hungary. Here are a few of their recommended Hungary tourist attractions.

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Budapest Tourist Guide, a tale of two cities


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Remete Cave, Hungary

Written by Eniko from Travel Hacker Girl. Follow her on Instagram here.

Remete Cave, Hungary

If you’re wondering what to do in Hungary, there is a hidden gem near my hometown, that only locals know about. It is a great spot for the outdoor lovers, as it offers gorgeous views of the Börzsöny mountains and the river Danube. Remete Cave is really close to my heart as I have many precious childhood memories of coming here with friends and family. We used to set a bonfire here and cook marshmallows and sausages. It is quite a hike to get to, but the views will make up for all the effort. It also makes a great day trip from the capital! You can take the train to Nagymaros from Budapest Nyugati Railway Station in about an hour and then walk from there. There are several hiking trails in the area and depending on which trail you choose it is an 8-12 km round trip, which will take 3-5 hours. If you are looking for something off the beaten path and want to get close to nature, this place is for you!

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Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest

Written by James from Travel Collecting. Follow him on Facebook here.

Fishermans Bastion Budapest

A Budapest sightseeing trip is not complete without visiting Fisherman’s Bastion (Halászbástya in Hungarian). It is one of the highlights of and reasons one would want to visit Budapest.  It is like a fairytale castle perched on top of castle hill in Buda overlooking the Danube below and is one of the can’t miss things to see in Budapest.   Seven white spires (representing the original Hungarian tribes), a large bronze statue of King Stephen I and the beautiful Matthias Church (definitely worth a visit) provide a perfect backdrop making this a Budapest must-see.  You can spend ages gazing at Pest, including the spectacular Parliament Buildings, spread below.  Don’t forget your camera! You can walk up fairly easily or take a bus to the top if you’d prefer. This is a popular place, so I’d recommend getting here early in the morning to beat the crowds.   There is a fee to climb the top turrets, but it is free to visit otherwise. Come back for dinner in the (somewhat pricey) restaurant and/ or the sparkling lights of the city.

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Matthias Church in Hungary

Written by Kaila Yu of Nylon Pink. Follow Kaila on Youtube here.

Matthias Church in Hungary

Why You Need to Visit Matthias Church in Hungary-located at 2 Szentharomsag Square, this church is special due to its use as a coronation church by Hungarian kings. It was also used as a mosque by the Ottoman Turks and is now a Catholic establishment in which the worship never stops. It is a must on your places to visit in Hungary list.

Weddings, masses, concerts, and tourists all come to experience the beauty and special architecture and history. It is so special to see because of the amazing Gothic architecture of the church. The turrets, the colored tiles of the roof, and the warm colors that make up the inside are a sight to behold that is really divine.  The Matthias Church changed the way you will look at Hungary tourism.

Make sure that once you are inside, you pause and really take it all in. Look at the pews-they are at least a century old and still hold out for the thousands who come to worship and celebrate. While it certainly reflects the Gothic architecture of its time, it is truly in a class of its own.

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Hortobágy Starry Sky Park

Written by Sara from Travel Continuum. Follow Sara on Twitter here.

Milky Way and Well Sweeps at Hortobagy @Tamás Ladányi

Hungary isn’t necessarily the first country that springs to mind if you’re after a spot of stargazing. However, it is one of the best Hungary attractions for stargazing. It offers not only some of the most pristine night skies in Europe but no less than three International Dark Sky Places.

The first of these, nestled between Lake Tisza and the city of Debrecen, consists of an enclave of Hortobágy National Park’s 80,000 hectares of part-wetland habitat, which is a haven for a wide range of migrating birds and insects. Since many of these protected species are sensitive to artificial light, the park reviewed its dark sky credentials a few years ago.

The result? The creation of Hortobágy Starry Sky Park in 2011, a 10,000-hectare section with a regulated lighting policy to minimize disturbance of the night environment. With 5 distinctions in one ( a Dark Sky Place, part of the National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Ramsar Site, and a Biosphere Reserve), it’s an impressive destination.

Traditionally, shepherds relied heavily on their knowledge of the constellations to navigate the countryside, so respect for starry nights is part of Hungary’s rural history. Today, with panoramic views across the flat marshes and verdant grasslands, Hortobágy Starry Sky Park is preserving the nightscapes for future generations.

The park arranges stargazing walks & dark sky educational programs and now also houses a public astronomical observatory. So, after you’ve spent your day either wildlife watching, enjoying a Magyar cowboy (csikós) display or exploring nearby Debrecen’s rich culture, the wonders of a star-studded night sky await you at Hortobágy’s Starry Sky Park.

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The Thermal Baths In Budapest

Written by Kate from Our Escape Clause. Follow Kate on Instagram here.

Budapest Hungary

The thermal baths of Budapest are easily one of the most unique things to do in the city (especially for being located in a Central European country!). They’re one of the fastest ways to feel downright luxurious and one of the best things to do in Budapest. Brought to the city during Budapest’s time being ruled by the Ottoman Empire, the thermal baths once served a utilitarian purpose and now serve a mainly recreational one.

The city is dotted with thermal baths, but the two most popular are the beautiful Szechenyi Baths, and the opulent Gellert Baths (which I always find myself comparing to stepping inside the world of The Great Gatsby!). Both baths offer indoor and outdoor pools of varying temperatures, and they are intended to be worked through in a specific order for health reasons (you don’t need to do this, though–feel free to simply relax and enjoy). You can also add on more traditional spa services, like massages, at both locations.

Be sure to set aside at least one afternoon in Budapest to relax in the hot water–it’s definitely not an experience you’ll forget anytime soon!

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Danube Boat Cruises

Written by Inma from A World To Travel. Follow Inma on Instagram here.

Danube Boat Cruises

There are several fun things to do in Budapest on the Danube River. One of the most memorable Budapest activities one can partake in is to travel the Danube by boat. Get to know the city from the river both day and night.

There are many companies that do boat trips on the Danube, you will see advertisements in most of the hotels and you will find sellers near the river, some offering “last minute” offers. The prices for basic excursions start at around € 15 and last at least 60 minutes. Most boats offer a free drink when you hire the ride.

On the other hand, you can opt for a much more budget-friendly option and simply take a passenger ship or ferry that the locals use to move along the Danube in Budapest, for less than € 2.

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Molnar Janos Cave

Written by Halef from The Round The World Guys. Follow Halef on YouTube here.

Molnar Janos Budapest Cave Diver

Budapest was built above a very active geothermal underground. Beneath the modern city, caverns and caves were formed to allow the thermal hot water to rise to the surface. These waters have been the source of the famous Budapest Thermal Baths for hundreds of years.

One of the least known caves in Budapest is the Molnar Janos Cave – it’s filled with water. Molnar Janos Cave is a destination for divers who want to explore true Budapest cave diving. The cave has been a protected National Park since 1992, and only a select few are allowed to visit and dive each day.

Each diver has to complete formal paperwork and undergo an intensive pre-dive orientation meeting. Due to the danger and the fragility of the cave environment, your Molnar Janos cave diving session is very carefully monitored by the divemaster.

The caves are pitch black, of course, but with proper lighting, you’ll find see-through fossils, interesting rock formations, and a species of blind shrimp that you’ll only find there. At times, you’ll even hear the subway rattling above!

Molnar Janos is one of many Budapest attractions that you won’t soon forget. It is definitely one of the most unusual and unique things to do in Budapest.

Address – Budapest, Frankel Leó út 48, 1023 Hungary


Hungary’s Eger Region

Written by Gemma from Two Scots Abroad. Follow Gemma on Twitter here.

Fátyol Waterfall I Szilvásvárad I Budapest Day Trips

Naturally, beautiful Budapest gets all the attention but if you have more than a few days to play with do consider a day trip in Hungary! Head to the country’s Eger region to the source where the delicious Bull’s Blood red (Egri Bikavér) wine comes from. If you are not adverse to walking, twenty minutes outside of the city lies 200 wine cellars waiting to be explored in the Valley of Beautiful Women.

Foodies should check out Eger Castle and sample the food cooked by the chef, Matyas Hegyi, at the 1552 Restaurant on the castle grounds. Locals are very proud of Eger and the castle as this is where the outnumbered Hungarian army fought off Turkish soldiers in 1552.

Eger has lots of options for those who like to relax – swimming pools, Turkish baths, and a swimming theme park! Nature-lovers should travel further to Szalajka Valley as it is home to Fáytol (Veil) Waterfall and free hiking spots. Do try some of the dense but tasty langos – pastry topped with sour cream and cheese!

Getting to Eger is relatively easy as there is a train line from Budapest’s Keleti train station (Keleti Pályudvar). The journey takes around 1 hour 40 minutes and should be on your list of places to see in Hungary.

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