Arkadenhof Hotel – A Boutique Hotel Near Vienna’s City Center

Arkadenhof Hotel Room

Arkadenhof Hotel offers Viennese charm in its 45 rooms and suites. Comfort, relaxation, and convenience are within the boutique hotel. Located in the quiet 9th district of Vienna, Austria you are a short 10-minute metro ride into the heart of Vienna’s city center.

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In the 9th District of Vienna

One of the palaces in Vienna
One of the palaces in Vienna

The hotel was completed in 1992 with a boutique concept focusing on a stylish modern design for the comfort of guests. The four-star Arkadenhof Hotel is situated where a small chapel once was more than 100 years ago in the 9th district of Vienna. The metro station is just a few minutes walk away and will bring you into the heart of the city center in under ten minutes. The 9th district is also known as Alsergrund. It is the General Hospital district and includes Sigmund Freud’s residence, the Votivkirche Church, and the Palais Liechtenstein among other attractions.

The royal family of Liechtenstein owns two palaces in Vienna, Palais Liechtenstein is one of them. Built in the 16th century, it has belonged to the royal family since 1712. The palace has an upper building and a lower building, with a park separating the two. The park is open to the public, and the lower building contains a museum with the Prince of Liechtenstein’s private art collection.

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The Votivkirche Church has a neo-Gothic architecture style. It was a unification project bringing together the Habsburg family, Catholicism, and the multi-national army.

The museum for the history of medicine, Josephinum, dates back to 1783 with neo-Classicist and old Baroque interiors. Discover specimens in glasses and wax models of body parts during your visit.  The Palais Clam-Gallas is opposite the Josephinum. The former General Hospital, Altes AKH, is now the medical university and has several bars and shops that make it a great place to visit and enjoy some local wine.


Additionally, in Vienna’s 9th district visit:

  • Churches and religious venues – Canisiuskirche, Maria de Mercede of the Spanish Hospital, Peregrini Kapelle of the Servitenkirche, Pfarrkirche Lichtental, and Schwarzspanierkirche.
  • The birthplace of Schubert.
  • The death place of Beethoven.
  • The Strudelhofstiege – The most famous staircase in Vienna.
  • Volksoper Opera house – It is one of three in Vienna and the second biggest after Staatsoper.


The Arkadenhof Hotel Rooms

Arkadenhof Hotel Room
Arkadenhof Hotel Room

The boutique Arkadenhof Hotel contains 35 rooms and 10 suites spread over five floors. The main floor houses a comfortable lounge, hotel bar, and dining area.

All rooms are equipped with cable TV, telephone, minibar, air conditioning, and toiletries.  All rooms in the hotel are non-smoking. The breakfast buffet is also included in your stay. Check-out time is at 11.00 am.


The Facilities and Amenities at Arkadenhof Hotel

Arkadenhof Hotel Room
Arkadenhof Hotel Room
  • A breakfast buffet daily from 7:00 am to 10:00 am.
  • A private parking garage.
  • Elevator access to all floors.
  • Book your excursions and tours through the reception.
  • Free newspapers and magazines are available in the bar and breakfast dining room.
  • Free Wi-Fi is throughout the hotel.
  • Laundry service.
  • Onsite car rental service at the front desk.
  • The Arkadenhof Hotel bar serves beverages and light snacks all day.


Arkadenhof Hotel is a quiet retreat in Vienna.


The boutique hotel is a wonderful hotel in the 9th district of Vienna. Located just ten minutes from the city center, and near several other tourist attractions, the boutique hotel is an ideal place to stay.

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