Barcelona’s Bunkers del Carmel

Barcelona’s Bunkers del Carmel
The Turó de la Rovira heritage space opened in March 2011 after the restoration of the anti-aircraft bunkers. Known as Barcelona’s Bunkers del Carmel, the fortifications were built in 1837 during the Spanish Civil War. It was the perfect location to defend Barcelona and the shantytown Canons district. Large 105-mm cannons were installed to protect Barcelona from bombings. The cannons were removed after the war ended and the area was abandoned.

Views of BarcelonaViews of Barcelona

Located in Carmel barrio on the top of the hill of Turó de la Rovira, Barcelona’s Bunkers del Carmel offers a 360º view of the city. The area was restored in 2011, making it safe for visitors. The views of Barcelona from this area are stunning day and night. Barcelona’s narrow streets, the city lights, and the sea can all be seen from here. It is also the best place to view the sunset. Nothink, a Spanish rock band, filmed their music video In a Row here.
Barcelona’s Bunkers del Carmel is becoming a popular place for tourists and locals. I was there one evening to take photos of the city at night and the place was full of people. I was also there during the day and there were only a few other people. It is an ideal place to bring a picnic and stay to enjoy the city views for a while. You will also want to bring your camera to get some amazing pictures of the city and the sea. I think the views from here are substantially better than the views from Montjuic. It is a lot farther from the city center, but worth the trip. There is no shade, so you may not want to go in the middle of the afternoon on the hot summer days.

Views of BarcelonaViews of Barcelona

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Bus 119 and V17 will take you there. The Alfons X metro station is the closest one. It is the yellow line (L4). However, you will still need to take the bus for two stops or walk from the metro.

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