The Best Spa In London – ESPA Life At The Corinthia Hotel

ESPA_Spa (photo from Peaklife)

There is an endless number of places to eat in London as well as things to do in London.

So you need to make sure you take some time to pamper yourself. The iconic beauty of the ESPA Life at Corinthia in London is spread over four floors.

ESPA Spa is, in my opinion, the best spa in London. It is a pioneer in the new concepts of spas by bringing together the world’s top experts as a team.

The fully integrated approach to well-being includes a hair salon, beauty treatments, alternative treatments, fitness, and a luxurious spa all under one roof.

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ESPA_Spa (photo from Peaklife)
ESPA Spa (photo from Peaklife)

The ESPA spa was founded by Susan Harmsworth in 1993. They now have over 450 spas in 50 countries. The five-star Corinthia Hotel London houses the ESPA Life which is the largest integrated urban spa in London. The UK also has one other ESPA spa in Gleneagles, Scotland.

Collective amenities have been incorporated with a holistic and wellness approach within this luxury spa. All aspects of health and wellness are amalgamated here.

From meditation and breathing techniques, sleep and fitness sessions, mindful and physical sessions, along with health and wellness. The spa has also introduced ‘Brain Power’ packages to help build the performance and resilience of the guests along with a neuroscientist-in-residence program.

The Corinthia Hotel Spa

ESPA Spa Corridor Corinthia Hotel

The ESPA Spa Corinthia is just steps away from the River Thames on Whitehall Place. The Corinthia Hotel is very close to the Horse Guards and Embankment tube station. The spa covers over 35,500 ft² (3,300 m²) spread over four luxurious floors. The mezzanine level is home to the reception level and the spa includes the level below and two additional levels below ground. Throughout the Corinthia Hotel, you will discover recurring design features including opulent, elegant, curvy, and shiny features. Lacquered walls with thin and thick wires pulled through them create a wave effect and flow of energy with Italian marble throughout the floors.

A Gateway To Luxury And Lifestyle


The Corinthia day spa is a lavish low-lit spa that is complete bliss for Londoners and visitors including saunas, thermal pools, and futuristic lounges. Guests who need to de-stress and escape the city can also enjoy the 17 treatment pods, sleeping pods, and a state-of-the-art gym facility. Additionally, the spa also includes a Daniel Galvin hair studio and nail salon.

The combined reception area and small restaurant are set in an elegant and stylish cream-washed color.  The comfortable white leather furniture and gold accented tables make this a very relaxing atmosphere along with the roaring fireplace as a focal point to the area.

Champagne and cream-colored slate paneling cover the stairwell and corridors leading up to both the male and female change rooms. The changerooms contain towels, slippers, and robes. Additionally, they are completely stocked with tea, flavored water, and fruit.

The ladies ‘ change rooms (and I’m sure the men’s as well) also have body care items, blow dryers, and hair straighteners. The ‘sleeping pods’ are located just outside the changerooms and have refreshments and dried fruits and nuts.

The Lower Thermal Floor Corinthia

ESPA London

The thermal floor is the lowest level of the Corinthia Spa. It is the spa’s main area, a dim-lit black-marbled sanctuary. This area accommodates a generous steam room, heated swimming pool, jet pool, ice fountain, and heated loungers. All of this surrounds the glass-walled sauna Amphitheatre centerpiece.

Moving up one floor from the Corinthia thermal floor are the 17 treatment rooms. A variety of treatment options including facials, massages, body wraps, and more are given here by excellent therapists. Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, herbalists, naturopaths, osteopaths, and acupuncturists are also available here for your health and wellness needs.

Additionally, intensive detox programs and fertility treatments are also available.

Physical Fitness Center

ESPA Spa Cortinthia London

The gym is complete with free weights, cardiovascular machines, and strength machines. Additionally, cold towels, homemade protein balls, fruit, headphones, and water are also available to guests and members in the physical fitness area. The fitness center is located on the same floor as the men’s changing rooms. Private training pods are available for those who desire workouts with a personal trainer. Please note the membership to the gym is limited to avoid over-crowding.

In addition to the physical fitness programs, marathon training, orthopedic rehabilitation, and other tailored-made programs are offered to clients.

Additional Information

ESPA Life at the Corinthia (picture from

The Corinthia hotel and spa also include the Daniel Galvin hair salon and Margaret Dabbs nail salon. Both you can visit independently or include them in your luxurious day.

Children are only permitted to access the spa between 10:00 am – 11:30 am and 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm.

ESPA Currently prices are (with prices subject to change) – A Corinthia Spa day pass begins at £150 ($184 US) and a 90-minute wellness massage costs £200 GBP ($245.50 US). Several Corinthia Spa packages are also available. A 3-hour personalized treatment costs £450 GBP ($552.50 US) and exclusive use of the Private Spa Suite for 3-hours costs £905 ($1,111 US).

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