Braciere Malatesta Trattoria – Traditional Tuscan Cuisine

Braciere Malatesta Trattoria

Braciere Malatesta Trattoria is one of many restaurants in Florence, Italy. The outdoor façade and entryway of the Italian food restaurant can be very deceiving. As you walk in you pass the wood-burning pizza oven and grill area the restaurant opens into a massive dining space. Located in the historic center of Florence Italy, it is effortless to walk by the Italian restaurant and not notice it. If you miss it, you will miss out on some of the best traditional Tuscan food you might ever eat. 

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The Large and Vibrant Trattoria

Braciere Malatesta Trattoria
Restaurant Interior

Braciere Malatesta is a family-run restaurant in the historic center of Florence, Italy. The Baglioni family have been preparing traditional Tuscan dishes for their guests ever since opening the steakhouse in 1954. Upon entering the Trattoria, you are greeted by a large charcoal grill and stone oven. After walking past and enjoying the aromas, the entry space opens into the massive restaurant. The chic and modern interior hosts two gardens, multiple dining rooms, and an expansive terrace.


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The Mouth-Watering Menu

Braciere Malatesta Trattoria
Trio of pasta dishes

Known for their Florentine steak, Braciere Malatesta Trattoria is one of the best steakhouses in Florence. The grilled steak is fantastic. They also offer excellent pasta dishes, superb starters, and delicious desserts. I didn’t try the pizza. However, they looked terrific after being cooked in the stone oven.


Braciere Malatesta Trattoria

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Sixty-Four Years of Greatness

Braciere Malatesta Trattoria
Delicious Dessert

Braciere Malatesta Trattoria is one of the best steakhouses I have ever eaten at. The three pasta dishes I tried were terrific. I also had a small appetizer and mouth-watering chocolate dessert. I ate way too much food. However, everything was so delicious I couldn’t help myself. This is a restaurant you must visit when in Florence, Italy.

Reservations: recommended

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