Fairmont Waterfront Gold Lounge Tour, Vancouver

fairmont gold lounge waterfront vancouver review

Let’s take a look at the Fairmont Waterfront Gold Lounge and Gold guest rooms in Vancouver, BC Canada.

When booking a room, you’ll have the opportunity to book either a standard room or a “Gold” room. Gold rooms come with extra perks, including access to an exclusive lounge with complimentary food and beverages.

Here’s what the Fairmont Gold experience is like at Fairmont Waterfront.

Fairmont Gold Lounge Tour - Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Vancouver

Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver – Gold Rooms

Fairmont operates 3 locations in downtown Vancouver (and several others throughout BC).

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The Fairmont Waterfront is a 4-star hotel located a few minutes from Waterfront Station, as well as the float plane docks.

Making it a super central location.

First, here’s what my “Gold” room looks like:

Fairmont Waterfront Gold lounge Room Tour Vancouver
@insidebutaway Meet the bees at Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver 🐝 This is what the Gold Lounge perk looks like if you book a premium room on the “Gold Floor” at this hotel. Fairmont good lounge tour sneak peek #fairmontvancouver #fairmontwaterfront #fairmontgold #fairmontgoldlounge #vancouverbc #luxuryhotel ♬ original sound – Indoor Cat | InsideButAway.com

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I’ve stayed at this hotel both in a Gold suite and and regular suite at times – and honestly there is very little difference between the two rooms style-wise.

The real benefit to paying the extra $ for a room on the gold floor is the lounge access. The actual rooms are nearly identical.

Rooftop Bee Garden at Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver

Bee Garden

A cool thing about this hotel is the bee garden, and they offer beekeeping tours daily.

All of the honey used on the property is made from the on-site bee hives. A jar of it is in every room (for purchase) as well as complementary mini-jars in the Gold Lounge.

My gold room had a nice view of the rooftop garden and beekeeping area.

Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver – Gold Lounge Tour

When you book a Gold room, you will gain access to the Gold Lounge.

The lounge includes a private concierge and check-in/out desk, indoor and outdoor seating, and buffet-style snacks and beverages.

Fairmont Gold Vancouver Menu and Perks - Gold Lounge Tour Vancouver Fairmont Waterfront

All food and non-alcoholic beverages are free.

Look Inside The Fairmont Gold Lounge Vancouver
Take A Look Inside The Fairmont Gold Lounge Vancouver
Fairmont Gold Lounge Tour Vancouver Waterfront

There is also an honor bar of beer, wine, and spirits where you write down what you took, and it will be charged to your room.

Daily breakfast is served from 7-10, with light snacks and tapas during the day, and deserts in the evenings.

I love that there is a Nespresso machine on hand!

Prices for a Gold Room at Vancouver Waterfront are typically $600-800 per night, but you can save some money by booking the room through Founders Card!

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