Mission Possible, 24 Hours In Prague


Have you ever thought about the possibility of visiting a big city for only one day? Would you have enough time to see all the essential things in only 24 hours? You probably thought that it wouldn’t be possible to see much like we also did when we first arrived in Prague for only one day. 1.3 million people in an area of almost 500 km2 seemed to be an impossible mission for us.

Fortunately, we were smart enough to make ourselves an itinerary of our 24-hour adventure in Prague, which turned out to be the critical part of our success. Yes, we managed to see everything Prague is known for in only 24 hours. Was it exhausting? If you have a strong will to see one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, nothing is complicated. The cradle of European culture gave us a warm welcome and slowly became a place where we wanted to stay for an extended period of time.

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But for those tourists who have the opportunity to enjoy “the city of thousand spires “for only one day, this is the right place to figure out the best way to make the most out of the inspiring Prague. The only thing you need to do is sit back in a comfortable chair and pay close attention to all the details you will read about our perfect itinerary!

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Our Prague tour started with this unique monument that would undoubtedly fit some Harry Potter story more than it suited Prague at first sight. But The Powder Tower is well known as one of 13 original city gates, and it separates Old Town from New Town. If you need an excellent picture to show that you were in Prague, this place is ideal for taking the perfect photo. The people are friendly, so it won’t take you long to catch somebody to take an ideal picture of your clique!




To get the best picture of how old this city is, we suggest you visit Old Town Square with an impressive Astronomical Clock in the middle of it. The beauty of this place lies in the fact that it perfectly represents the people of Prague in so many ways. For example, you can see hundreds of people gathering together to enjoy the weather by drinking coffee in the square and enjoying the historical monuments surrounding them. Another great thing about this place is that you can always hear talented musicians playing their instruments, which gives it a great atmosphere.




It is known worldwide that Prague is a city with many bridges across the River Vltava. The most famous bridge that Prague is well known for is called Charles Bridge. It represents a connection to the part of the city that is full of interesting buildings and monuments for tourists. Charles Bridge is very special because it is lined with sacred monuments. You can also find phenomenal artists drawing caricatures, playing instruments, and making jewelry — a perfect example of Prague’s vividness.




If you are a fan of Beatles and like art in general, one of the coolest places is Lennon Wall. You can find it, just a few minutes of walking after crossing the Charles Bridge. This wall was a typical wall until the 1980s, when people started to draw graffiti and lyrics from Beatles songs. It was done due to the irritating communist regime in the Czech Republic at that time. Today, the wall symbolizes global ideals such as love and peace.




This massive castle from the 9th century is the official residence of the Czech Republic’s president, and it has so much to offer. The whole environment around this castle is the perfect opportunity to take pictures and enjoy the view of the city. What amazed us the most were the gardens full of beautiful sculptures, trees, and flowers. It gives the perfect picture of how caring were the Prague people when it comes to their culture and architecture!




The largest Church in the whole Czech Republic is one of the most special monuments I have ever been to. It is next to Prague Castle, so it is good to visit both sites, one right after the other. It is so hard to catch all the essential things that the exterior of the Church offers you. But wait until you go in – the interior of the Church will petrify you!




It will only take you 15 minutes’ walk from Charles Bridge to realize that Prague has almost the same tower as his twin in Paris. A 63-meter-high tower offers a beautiful sight of the whole city. The tower is surrounded by beautiful gardens full of flowers and birds, and it gives you a very peaceful place to stay. The price is around 5 euros to go up the tower; however, the view of the city is priceless.




We highly recommend that if you have enough time to experience the beautiful river Vltava since it will give you a completely different perspective of Prague. You will realize that you got rid of all the noise and crowds, but you are still lucky enough to see most of the important buildings from the boat. In addition, the cruise usually includes lunch or dinner, so it was a complete package for us there!


Now that you have seen the most exciting stuff you can see in only 24 hours, it is time to pack your bags and set off on the adventure of your lifetime. Don’t be scared like we were, but rather embrace the time you have and enjoy this fantastic city!


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  1. Prague sounds like a great place to explore. There is so much to see and do there. I would love to check out a lot of the historical sites.

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