Osteria Conchetta Restaurant – Serving Traditional Milanese Cuisine

Osteria Conchetta restaurant - preparing risotto

The Osteria Conchetta restaurant in Milan, Italy is unpretentious yet distinguished. The traditional Milanese cuisine restaurant is in the Navigli district, a fashionable and beautiful area of the city. The area encompasses a significant portion of the southwestern quadrant of the city including the Porta Ticinese dock, the Naviglio Pavese, and the Naviglio Grande (the word Canal is Naviglio in Italian). The charming district is full of art galleries, design shops, bars, restaurants, and cafés. It is approximately thirty minutes from the STRAF Hotel and Bar. Read about my stay at the STRAF Hotel here.

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The Restaurant

The large traditional Milanese cuisine restaurant has several sitting areas. The eggshell color walls are accented with brick archways throughout the building. Simple artwork and bottles of wine adorn the walls giving the large rooms a cozy feeling. The tables are covered with white cloths, matching cloth napkins, and are pre-set with wine glasses and cutlery. The wood chairs combine the balance of neutral colors throughout the restaurant.

The Menu

Discover traditional Milanese cuisine at Osteria Conchetta. The large restaurant will entice your nose and taste buds with the scents and flavors of the dishes that have withstood changes over time. From ossobuco to cassoeula, and risottos to braised dishes, you won’t be disappointed.

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Osteria Conchetta restaurant - preparing risotto
Osteria Conchetta restaurant – preparing risotto

While enjoying the recommended wine, the waiter pushed a cart over to the side of the table. On top of the cart was a giant wheel of parmesan cheese. He then poured vodka around the inside and with the spark of a lighter, the entire wheel lit up in a flame. Scooping risotto from a pot it was cooked in, he places it into the middle of the cheese wheel. Scraping the melting cheese, he mixes it into the risotto. The smell of the cheese melting into the risotto was mouthwatering. After plating the risotto, the server topped it with thinly chopped and fried crispy onions.

Osteria Conchetta restaurant - risotto
Osteria Conchetta restaurant – risotto

Our main dish was a veal schnitzel. The large and thin piece of meat was cooked perfectly, crisp and golden. The veal was then cut into pieces at the table and served to us. Adding a little fresh squeezed lemon added a perfect complement to the dish.

Osteria Conchetta restaurant - Old Milanese style zabaglione
Osteria Conchetta restaurant – Old Milanese style zabaglione

The portion size was large so for dessert we shared the Old Milanese style zabaglione, which was accompanied by two cookies. The sinfully delicious dessert is made up of three ingredients; sugar, egg yolks, and Marsala (a sweet and flavorful Italian wine).

plate of risotto showing traditional milanese cuisine

An Excellent Dinner

The meal was excellent, the portion size large. At the Osteria Conchetta restaurant, you will be welcomed by an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. The knowledgeable staff will make you feel at home. If you are looking for traditional Milanese cuisine, then the Osteria Conchetta restaurant is the place for you.

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Additional Information

Pet Friendly – Yes

Reservations recommended – Yes

Parking Available – Free valet parking is available in the evening but is not guaranteed.

Restaurant Website – Osteria Conchetta

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