Prague – Everything You Need For A Perfect Honeymoon


Considering a Prague honeymoon? When you talk to people about their perfect honeymoon destination, they usually mention places like Maldives, Costa Rica, Paris, Italy, or a similar destination.

One that is well known to be a romantic destination for happily married couples.

In case you ever get bored of hearing the same stories over and over again and watching the same pictures from the same places over and over again, listen to this!

We decided to point out a city that is rapidly getting popular among just married from all over the world – Prague!

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If it does not sound like a perfect destination for your honeymoon vacation, please be so kind as to give a moment or two so that we can change your mind.

Just imagine you and your partner drinking top-quality wine while cruising down the river Vltava and listening to sounds of equally named composition by Berdych Smetana, with the cool breeze playing with your hair and your loved one next to you.

Sounds quite romantic for a less frequently picked honeymoon destination like Prague.

But this is only the beginning of your honeymoon trip in the city of thousand spires.

Wait until you find out more about the beautiful Petrin Tower or all the romantic vineyards that will make you never forget about the unique experience you had here.

Pay close attention because we bring you everything you need to know about Prague to have a perfect honeymoon with your loved one!




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When it comes to the romantic side of “the city of thousand spires, “the best way to get the impression of it is to go on a Vltava cruise.

A beautiful boat ride on the calm river Vltava with a phenomenal view on both sides of Prague will be something that you will remember forever.

It is even better to go at night since you can see all the beautiful monuments illuminated! The cruise includes a dinner and live piano music which makes a great romantic atmosphere.



Almost every big city has a specific tour bus with a tour guide to show you the best of the city you are visiting. The great thing about Prague is getting a tour in a vintage convertible car.

It gives you much more privacy, and it is classy to drive in that car.

You can also choose your itinerary, or you can let the driver be your guide to the best sights and some personal recommendations about where to spend the best time in Prague. Definitely a great experience!



Prague is well known as a city with many natural beauties, especially parks and gardens.

You won’t make a mistake if you visit any of Prague’s parks, but this one is something special because of the beautiful rose garden where you can peacefully enjoy the colors of this part of the city.

The most interesting part for couples is the famous Czech poet Karel Hyneck Macha statue. The legend says that your love will last forever if you kiss your loved one in front of the figure. Don’t miss that chance!



This tower is very famous for its unbelievable resemblance to Eiffel’s Tower! It is located on Petrin Hill, and it has around 300 steps. It might be a bit much when you read it, but when you climb up there and see the view, you will be mesmerized! It feels lik

e you have the whole Prague on your hands! You can see the beautiful vineyards and gardens surrounding you, and it is one of our favorite places for taking the most memorable pictures.



This phenomenal complex is one of the most incredible places you can visit with your loved one while honeymooning in Prague.

It is the largest ancient castle in the world, with several beautiful gardens surrounding it. The view from Prague Castle is spectacular, but wait until you get in! Four churches, four palaces, five halls, museums, and many other things will leave you breathless.



There are many phenomenal restaurants with a fantastic offer that would be worth mentioning here, but we picked a romantic place that impressed us the most with the atmosphere and ambiance.

It is a very popular place called Na Brehu Rhony, and it has an exquisite menu of affordable wines primarily from South France. A perfect place to go out on a romantic night with your loved one while feeling the breeze going through your hair and drinking top-quality French wines. Don’t forget to make a reservation before you come here because it is very popular.



If you want to make a love sign of your stay in Prague, the perfect way to do it is to lock your and your partner’s name on a small bridge close to Lennon Wall.

A very cute Lovers Bridge with a picturesque environment and intimate atmosphere since few tourists are aware of it. It is also a lovely place to take pictures with your loved one too!



Apart from having a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant or beautiful sights all across the city, the best way to remember Prague is to visit State Opera. It’s the right time for you and your partner to put on your best clothes and see some of the best operas being performed in the city of Prague.

The program is always exciting so you won’t make a mistake if you book tickets for any shows. However, we recommend seeing “Orpheus in the Underworld” and “Romeo and Juliette.”



Imagine that you and your partner have a lovely dinner while you are listening to a live performance of Mozart’s finest classical music in an authentic hall, considered to be an architectural masterpiece by all means.

Mozart Dinner is a place where you can get this combination, and if you are a fan of great Mozart, this is a perfect pick for you! We are sure that your spouse will be thrilled with the touch of classiness you provide by bringing the idea of visiting this place as a perfect place for a romantic dinner!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I think have seen the place in a movie, however, never got a chance to visit this stunning place.

  2. Jasmine Martin says:

    I have always wanted to go to Prague. This may become my destination honeymoon spot for sure.

  3. Sustainable Interiors says:

    Prague is gorgeous!!! I had the best time there. I can’t wait to go back to Prague again, can’t wait.

  4. We have been to Prague. It ended up being my favorite place that we have visited (so far) in Europe. I’d love to go back.

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