Sauna Deco, Amsterdam’s Parisian Luxury Spa

Sauna Deco, Amsterdam’s Parisian Luxury Spa

Sauna Deco has been known for relaxation and rejuvenation in Amsterdam for over 30-years. The iconic institution is decorated in an Art Deco style.

The interior, part of Paris’ Au Bon Marché department store, was saved from demolition and relocated to Amsterdam.

The department store was built in 1920 and the 1970’s renovation of the of the famous store destined the interior to be sent to scrap.

By luck, the plans were over-heard and an agreement was made to have the interior ornaments delicately removed, numbered (similarly to an archeological excavation), and shipped to Amsterdam. It was a delicate job relocating the stunning interior.

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The delicately hand-crafted stairs and railings, sandblasted glass, gilded decorations, paneling, and stained glass is now housed in the interior of the Sauna Deco Spa since 1979.

The 1890 Dutch building also became the new home to gray-green wall tiles from the old Twentsche Bank on Spuistraat, incorporating the important cultural heritage of the Dutch into the spa.


The Spa

The almost 2000 ft² spa and wellness space offers a luxurious and unique experience in the heart of Amsterdam.

The grandeur of the main lounge area is impressive within itself. Several experiences and treatments are available including a cold-water plunge pool, a foot bath, a hydro-massage bed, tanning beds, steam rooms, facial treatments, and body wraps.

With two Finnish Sauna cabins, you can experience the benefits of hot and cold to stimulate circulation. Additionally, to improve your circulation, relieve aching muscles, and stimulate your metabolism, you should try the in-fared sauna.

The Turkish steam bath will soothe your tensions and the eucalyptus aromas with open your respiratory system, leaving you feeling tranquil and rested.

Several types of massages are available. They include deep tissue, classic, Shiatsu, hot stone, and sports massage. If you have tired feet then you will enjoy the feet reflex therapy. It is a foot massage that incorporates pressure points to help revitalize the feet and body.


The Café

Inside the spa, you will find a small café. It offers delicious and healthy snacks and light meals. Smoothies and freshly squeezed juices are also available. Sauna Deco’s healthy items include sandwiches on ciabatta buns, light salads, toasties, quiche, and soups. For those who like something a little sweet, they offer pies. They also offer larger salads with chicken, chicken sate, and daily specials.


A Relaxing Afternoon

Enjoy and relaxing and rejuvenating for an afternoon at Sauna Deco. Located along Amsterdam’s famous canals, it is in the heart of the city center. Feel as if you have entered another world in this opulent spa and leave feeling revitalized.

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  1. What about an American with never being nude in public any problems explain a little how it begins entering the place please

    1. Sally Pederson says:

      Well Randy, it really does not matter where you come from. I have no idea what being an American has to do with anything. Also, it is not as if as soon as you open the door there are nude people everywhere. People in the lounge area are wearing clothes, the girl at the check-in is wearing clothes, the lady at the snack area is wearing clothes. After checking in, you go to the change room where there are towels and robes. No one is just walking around nude. When you are in the sauna, steam room, or pool you (or others) can/will be nude. Nothing states you must be. To the people who go there, it is no big deal and no one is staring at you if you are.

  2. What a beautiful place to get a massage at! Next time I visit I’ll check it out. Thanks so much for sharing! I love getting massages when traveling and don’t know where to go most times. I love finding blogs with good information on where to get massages! ?

    1. Sally Pederson says:

      Yes, it is a fabulous place to have a massage, relax in the sauna, enjoy the steam room, and go for a swim. You can spend hours there.

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