The Straf Hotel in Milan, Italy

STRAF Hotel Room

Entering the Straf Hotel in Milan, Italy you are greeted by the warm lobby designed with primary materials and splashes of color. The surfaces consist of iron and shimmering brass sheets along with exposed cement floors and walls.  Architect Vincenzo De Cotiis adds splashes of color with minimalist furniture and large pieces of art. The unconventional space with contemporary artistic trends is an excellent escape from the bustling city center.

The Area Around Straf Hotel

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Straf Hotel is located steps away from Milan’s Duomo. The massive Gothic Cathedral is stunning inside. The hotel is on a walkable only street in the city center. You can be in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Italy’s oldest shopping mall housed in a 19th-century glass-covered arcade within minutes. Here you will find luxury clothing brands and upscale dining options.  Architect Giuseppe Mengoni designed the building in 1861, and it was built between 1865 and 1877. About five minutes away from the hotel is the Teatro Alla Scala. It is considered one of the leading ballet and opera houses in the world. La Scala Theatre Orchestra, La Scala Theatre Ballet, and Scala Theatre Chorus all call it home. The Michelin Star Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala is also just minutes from the Straf Hotel. A second Michelin Star restaurant that I went to is Ristorante Joia. The Ristorante Joia is a little further away, but worth the trip. Several museums and other tourist attractions are within a twenty-minute walk from the hotel.


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The Straf Hotel Rooms

STRAF Hotel Room
STRAF Hotel Room

The boutique hotel contains 64 rooms. They include typically named rooms like single, double, superior, executive, and suite. However, they also have Well-Being, Double Relaxation, and Double Comfort rooms.

The rooms seem to combine two philosophies; minimalist yet hi-tech and warm and cozy yet sophisticated. The amalgamation of burnished brass, custom-made furnishings, glazed glasses, iron, rough concrete, slate, and worn mirrors bring together an innovative design not seen anywhere else.

The well-being rooms provide a wellness corner with a massage lounge chair. The two suites and the executive room all contain different characteristics. One suite is elegant in shades of dark brown and black with black marble and fiberglass panels. The other suite is bright and lively with white stone and shades of red. The executive room contains transparent glass, mirrors, and burnished brass. All three rooms have terraces with views of the Duomo.

The top floor of the hotel also offers an impressive mini gallery with pieces that have been collected over the past ten years of the hotel’s life.


The Straf Restaurant and Bar

STRAF Hotel Restaurant

The restaurant, enclosed in the far corner of the lobby area, is a continuation of the industrial meets sophistication trend throughout the hotel.  There are no private tables here, so if it’s busy be prepared to talk with your neighbor, or at least have no choice to hear their conversation. There are also not many seats that have back support, so an extended relaxing breakfast is not going to happen here. Breakfast is included with your stay so make sure you stop in and enjoy it before heading out to your business meeting or sightseeing for the day. The American-style breakfast buffet is available from 7:00 am to 10:30 am daily. It contains a large selection of hot and cold items, along with several sweet and savory products.

The restaurant is also open for lunch and available for private dinners. The menu is a combination of international dishes along with traditional Italian cuisine. The focus of the restaurant is to use products that are in season and particularly BIO products.

Straf Bar is an excellent place to meet up with business associates and friends or make new ones. The concrete and chrome design is warm and inviting. The service is excellent and friendly. If you prefer to be outside, the bar has several seats available in the middle of the walkable street. It is the ideal area to relax and enjoy the lively evening as it progresses into the night.


The Eco-Friendly Hotel

STRAF Hotel Room Bathroom
STRAF Hotel Room Bathroom

Their philosophy states…… “For those who recognize themselves in a message of respect for man and the environment, for sustainability to become the new lifestyle, one must have the courage to change! The proposal is part of the service development strategy that covers different areas of the hotel and is mainly aimed at improving hospitality with particular attention to respect for people and the environment. It is essential a great commitment on the part of the hotel manager, but also a greater sensitization / education of the guest towards the reduction of unnecessary consumption (change of towels, sheets, soap, slippers, courtesy line, etc.”

The Straf Hotel has many eco-friendly policies. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • certified ecological cleaning products or those with a low environmental impact
  • change linen daily only upon request
  • organic food products
  • recycling
  • Replacing soap bars and cream tubes with large refillable containers containing a certified ecological product.
  • use “Eco Biker Messengers” service in the city
  • use LED lights

Every guest that stays at the hotel also helps contribute to the IN-VITA association. A non-profit with goals of building water wells in Mali. For more information on the project visit WWW.IN-VITA.ORG


A Great Stay in The Heart Of Milan

STRAF Hotel Room
STRAF Hotel Room

The STRAF hotel is in an ideal central location in Milan. Here you can enjoy all the cultural events, tourist activities, business meetings, and dine at many excellent restaurants. Stay in the heart of Milan and enjoy everything the Straf Hotel has to offer.


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