The Canal Boat Restaurant in Dublin, Ireland

The Canal Boat Restaurant in Dublin, Ireland

Float down the Grand Canal in Dublin, Ireland while enjoying a two-hour dinner cruise. Sip on a drink either at your table or outside on the top deck while you wait for all the guests to arrive and the boat to disembark.

floating on a canal boat in dublin ireland

Several wines, spirits, beers, and non-alcoholic drinks are available.

The cozy interior below deck on the Canal Boat Restaurant in Dublin has several round windows for you to look through and experience some of the views.

They are ideal on the nights when the rain is falling and going outside before or in between your courses is not an option.

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If it is a nice night, then you will want to get to the top deck and watch some of the city as you slowly pass by.

Additionally, from the top deck, you can see the boat crew manually open and close the canal locks.

After ordering your three-course meal, the onboard chefs will begin to prepare everything for all the guests on the boat.  I had the smoked salmon tartar as a starter, the roast beef as my main, and for dessert, I had cheesecake.

The Canal Boat Restaurant in Dublin cruise with dinner cost €47.50. Drinks are an additional charge.

For more information on the Canal Boat Restaurant or to book a table go to their website.

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